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My Kids Are What Drive Me

I think that my most favorite subjects to photograph are my children…hands down. This was a recent shoot with Millie, my oldest. Of course I still love taking pictures of other families, kids, parents, beautiful landscapes, nature, etc., but when it call comes down to it, if I could only shoot one subject for the […]

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Keep Smiling Norris Family

Last year my family (and a lot of other participants) embarked on a project that would prove to be incredibly rewarding on many levels. The Keep Smiling Project was the name that we gave it, and you can find out a lot more about it by looking at our blog here. I also did a […]

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What Makes Me ‘Click’?

I am not sure how many times I have actually been asked this question, but for those that know me personally it may actually come to the top of their mind quite a bit when they see my pictures. A lot of this may come because most of my time is actually spent in an […]

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