The Wood Family

I will say off hand that I was a little nervous about this shoot when I first got the call…mainly because I never do shoots this large, and I always wonder how they will turn out with so many variables. Needless to say it turned out well. There was actually quite a bit of wind, so I spent just as much time waiting in-between shots for it to die down as I did actually clicking the shutter. For a while there I was afraid that it was going to start raining on us as well. We got pretty lucky and were able to get some good group shots, as well as some of the individual families as well. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

 photo Wood3_zpsb39e943f.jpg

 photo Wood7_zpsdeed12af.jpg

 photo Wood5_zps0d1312e5.jpg

 photo Wood2_zps67b4df28.jpg

 photo Wood6_zpse8590dd6.jpg

 photo Wood4_zps988bc2f8.jpg

 photo Wood8_zps494fbc5b.jpg

Judy WoodAugust 6, 2013 - 4:07 PM

Good job, Clayton. The only picture we don’t like is of :David and I because of the wind, but the rest are really good. I’m not worried about not having one of the two of us because we have other photogaphs of us that meet our needs. We are just really happy to have our big group picture and the individual families.

Thanks heaps!

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