New Toys – Sekonic L-358 and 24″ Softbox

One week ago today I turned the big “THREE O”, and according to some sources it is likely all downhill from here. However, as far as I am concerned, being 30 feels an awful lot like being 29, or even 28 for that matter. I guess the road is slow, and you don’t really notice the change as it comes. Regardless, I am now officially in my 30’s. That is pretty big I guess considering I have only entered a new decade twice before in my entire life; and from what I can tell if I have the current average life expectancy, I will only be able to do it 3 more times (here’s to hoping that I live past 67!)

On that day, the things that I had asked for was a Sekonic L-358 light meter, and a 24″ softbox. Needless to say, my wishes were granted. One of these days everyone in my family is going to revolt and buy me something that isn’t photography related – even though that is all I ever ask for. I can’t help it if that is all I really want…(either that or cash that I can use to go and buy something photography related myself.) I broke it out as soon as I had it, and set it up in my front room. Luckily my daughter (who just turned 2 today!) is usually a willing subject for any quick shoots that I want to do.

The photo below was number 4 of about 8 shots that I took of her. I was hoping for more of a basic smile or sweet face, but I have to take what I can get (apparently small children also have minds of their own. However, I do love this face.) She was showing me what color her tongue had turned after eating a sucker just a few minutes earlier. Since this picture is in black & white, just imagine red…it was red.

So far I am really pleased with both the light meter and the softbox. I am not totally sure how I lived without a light meter before, but it is a huge help and time saver. If you are a photographer and don’t have one, go place an order right now. They are worth every penny.

The softbox in this shot was slightly off-center straight in front of the subject shining down from about 6′. I was just under shooting straight on. I love the way that it helps wrap light around the subject, and the way that you are able to really focus on the eyes with a shot like this.

CarlyFebruary 2, 2011 - 2:58 PM

I just have to say that I LOVE HER. That’s all. Millie is the kewlest.

rachat de creditFebruary 4, 2011 - 5:16 PM

I seldom leave comments on blog, but I have been to this post which was recommended by my friend, lots of valuable details, thanks again.

adminMarch 4, 2011 - 11:12 PM

Sorry for the late response, had a few issues with the comments sections here on the site, but everything should be good now. Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate them!

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