Presley & Crew

If you want to know what cute kids look like, well look no further. These are two of my absolute favorite kids, and it is pretty easy to see why. I first got the chance to meet them last fall when we did a family shoot for them for The Keep Smiling Project. You can see that photo shoot here. With all of the rain that we have had this month, I am glad that we were able to get some photos taken while they were up in Salt Lake for a few days. We did the shoot up Little Cottonwood Canyon, and within a few minutes of finishing the shoot it started pouring rain.

 photo Claverie6_zpsae502b38.jpg

 photo Claverie3_zps565a46e5.jpg

 photo Claverie9_zps8fa4487d.jpg

 photo Claverie4_zpseeda8634.jpg

 photo Claverie1_zpsd0fc9683.jpg

 photo Claverie7_zps23f9ab22.jpg

 photo Claverie2_zps028db688.jpg

 photo Claverie8_zps231d415e.jpg

 photo Claverie5_zpsb8783f17.jpg

Meet Tiffany!

I don’t normally get many opportunities to do many individual portrait sessions, but after this one I might have to reach out a bit more and see if I can do some more. This shoot with Tiffany was a lot of fun! We shot up in Alpine in a location that is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots for outdoor sessions. The conditions were definitely in our favor, and Tiffany was great in front of the camera.

 photo TiffanyKnab_zps1ea9b3e8.jpg

 photo TiffanyKnab4_zps3268b48b.jpg

 photo TiffanyKnab2_zpsfc631149.jpg

 photo TiffanyKnab5_zps720bdc50.jpg

 photo TiffanyKnab3_zpsd034621b.jpg

The Swenson Family

This is one of my all-time favorite families to photograph. I have had the chance a few times before, and I love being able to watch them grow and welcome new family members into the mix. We decided to head up American Fork canyon this time around, and the setting is pretty amazing! They are definitely a very photogenic family, and were amazing in front of the camera in typical form.

 photo 264C7009_zps232b1b26.jpg

 photo Swenson_zpsfd6efea6.jpg

 photo 264C7166licr1_zps9c1b2f4e.jpg

 photo Swenson2_zps6ef4e139.jpg

 photo 264C7549_zps43300ec9.jpg

The Goodwin Family

I am so glad that I was able to do this photo shoot for the Goodwin family. Scott and I go back quite a few years to where we were mission companions in Chile. Unfortunately we haven’t seen that much of each other since then, but I feel like we are able to pick right back up in conversation whenever we are together, and their shoot was no exception. They are a beautiful family, and have very photogenic kids…as you can see below.

 photo Goodwin4_zps7b7b5294.jpg

 photo Goodwin3_zps3e17179f.jpg

 photo Goodwin5_zpsfe72e653.jpg

 photo Goodwin1_zps62c01bff.jpg

 photo Goodwin8_zps4d40962e.jpg

 photo Goodwin9_zps70512004.jpg

 photo Goodwin2_zps631e7297.jpg

 photo Goodwin7_zpsfae2036e.jpg