The Goodwin Family

I am so glad that I was able to do this photo shoot for the Goodwin family. Scott and I go back quite a few years to where we were mission companions in Chile. Unfortunately we haven’t seen that much of each other since then, but I feel like we are able to pick right back up in conversation whenever we are together, and their shoot was no exception. They are a beautiful family, and have very photogenic kids…as you can see below.

 photo Goodwin4_zps7b7b5294.jpg

 photo Goodwin3_zps3e17179f.jpg

 photo Goodwin5_zpsfe72e653.jpg

 photo Goodwin1_zps62c01bff.jpg

 photo Goodwin8_zps4d40962e.jpg

 photo Goodwin9_zps70512004.jpg

 photo Goodwin2_zps631e7297.jpg

 photo Goodwin7_zpsfae2036e.jpg

The Burr Family – {Keep Smiling}

Meet the Burr family! They booked a shoot with us for one of the most recent Keep Smiling families that we were raising some money for. They are such a great family, and I am so glad that we were able to do this shoot for them. Believe it or not, the photos below came from two different shoots, with the first being a bit of a bust because of some strong winds that came through the area (It is really hard to find some good shots of everyone when hair is being blown across faces.) However, the second time was the charm, and we really lucked out with the weather and warm evening sunlight. It is easy to see why I like to shoot in the evenings when you get images like this.

 photo Burr1_zps33758969.jpg

 photo Burr2_zps64a713a2.jpg

 photo Burr3_zpsed5a58f6.jpg

 photo Burr5_zps4b46a2d3.jpg

 photo Burr4_zps613dff07.jpg

 photo Burr7_zps646246da.jpg

The Derr Family {Keep Smiling}

Oftentimes in Utah it seems that the favorite time for family pictures is the Fall, and rightfully so with the beautiful colors and backdrop that we have so close in our mountains. However, this year, I am finding myself very fond of the colors and backdrops that I am having in the Spring with my family shoots. The colors are so clean and vibrant, and you mix in a little evening sunlight, and you end up with something like I have below.

I have had the opportunity to photograph the Derr family in the past, and I love getting repeat clients because I get to see how their family has grown. I love these pics, and I am so glad to have been able to capture their family again.

 photo Derr4_zpsaf7955c1.jpg

 photo Derr6_zpsc00fe49c.jpg

 photo Derr1_zpsf5cf4f65.jpg

 photo Derr8_zps9753a143.jpg

 photo Derr2_zps805abf2d.jpg

 photo Derr7_zpse9a418a3.jpg

 photo Derr5_zps409643cb.jpg

 photo Derr3_zps6aaaa4a4.jpg

The Walton Family – {Keep Smiling}

Meet the Walton Family! They booked a shoot that we did just over a week ago for The Keep Smiling Project, and I love how they have turned out so far. We did it early in the morning on a Saturday, and the kids were great for the entire shoot. You can easily tell from the photos that they get along well and that they have a lot of fun together. Feel free to leave some comments and let me know what you think!

 photo 264C1558sh_zpsf7cf3150.jpg

 photo Walton1_zps1efdb4eb.jpg

 photo 264C2010234bw1_zps8d82bcdb.jpg

 photo Walton2_zps31a19dd6.jpg

 photo 264C16571_zpsf1f5a57d.jpg

 photo 264C21301bwsh_zps5ac55a8f.jpg