Maddie Seniors – {Keep Smiling}

It is always fun to have clients call you back up after a few years and ask for more photos…especially when they have since moved away. I guess that somehow I left a good enough impression on them the first time around. This time though, it was just Maddie for her Senior Portraits. The elements were definitely in our favor that night.

 photo Maddie1_zps7qjxxt1j.jpg

 photo Maddie2_zpsunxnuac3.jpg

 photo Maddie3_zpsocexu8g0.jpg

 photo Maddie4_zpsz4idavlj.jpg

 photo Maddie5_zpswigpierc.jpg

 photo Maddie6_zpspg8vxvje.jpg

The Derr Family (Part 2) – {Keep Smiling}

It has been pretty slow around these parts recently here on the blog, and I haven’t had many previews to share this Fall. These were taken of the Derr family a few weeks back up in Little Cottonwood Canyon. You probably wouldn’t know it by looking at these pictures, but the Fall here in Utah this year has been pretty drab. We were really fortunate to get a beautiful setting, with great weather, great light, and a great family! The right light and the right time of day can make such a huge difference in getting a great shot.

 photo Derr 3_zpsuo7t0orq.jpg

 photo Derr 5_zpsmtbnt31e.jpg

 photo Derr 6_zps52a0dpbn.jpg

 photo Derr 2_zps2pdy6srx.jpg

 photo Derr 7_zpsvtmz8ihb.jpg

 photo Derr 4_zpsbtupjkvu.jpg

 photo Derr 1_zpsae5utt00.jpg

The Derr Family – {Keep Smiling}

The Derr family has been such a pleasure to photograph over the years. They have always been so supportive of The Keep Smiling Project, and just good friends to boot! We really look forward to doing a photo shoot with them each year. This time around we did a bit of scouting and tried out a new location, and needless to say, we are pleased with the results. Feel free to share some comments below!

 photo 264C2378_zpsjutznbqb.jpg

 photo Derr1_zpsnv0hgyrf.jpg

 photo 264C2083liquify_zpsa4nyjmgd.jpg

 photo Derr3_zpsm4mz912e.jpg

 photo 264C2535_zpsrqwjdyez.jpg

 photo Derr2_zpse21eppvi.jpg

The Scott Family – {Keep Smiling}

If you follow my posts, there is a good chance that you have seen this family here before. I have been lucky to have known the Scott Family for years, and I was fortunate to be able to do another portrait session with them. It really is nice to have good clients that keep coming back year after year to record some family memories…and it is fun to see how much they change. This time around we got a little more of the family with their grandparents. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

 photo Scott1_zpsyfrxdiuf.jpg

 photo Scott2_zpsyrx0iix9.jpg

 photo Scott3_zpsgw6maozo.jpg

 photo Scott4_zpsdyeglzwg.jpg

 photo Scott5_zpsxjmrdn3h.jpg

 photo Scott6_zpsvd7a9jip.jpg

 photo Scott7_zpsn1q0ylts.jpg

 photo Scott8_zpstuvmpelv.jpg